This is my blog, which I started after several of my friends said that I probably should. Also, I was bored. So I made started this blog. Despite the fact that it’s called My Core Beliefs, don’t expect me to get into anything especially heavy – the fact that I don’t talk about anything important or anything particulary close to my actual core beliefs makes the name funny. Most of what I will be talking about is anime and video games and generally nerd stuff and stuff that’s interesting but 110% unimportant. Or, you know, I’ll post some laconic, sarcastic one-line joke.

As for me, my name is Joel. I’m in University majoring in Future Unemployment – which is to say, the Humanities. I’m apparently funny but, honestly, not all that interesting. This is the blog wherein I muse about things that I like/hate/think are interesting.

What you should do now is stop reading the about page (which is boring) and read the actual posts (which aren’t).


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