Haters Gonna Hate

Of all the memes on the Internet, “Haters gonna hate” is probably my favourite. It offers you a response to your detractors that doesn’t stoop down to any particular depth of inanity of impotent ragefulness and allows you to carry on your merry way. The haters are gonna hate and you’re gonna keep calm and carry on and not give any particular damns about it. Also, it’s fun to say.

On that note, here’s a list of [verb]-ers gonna [verb] formulae that rhyme with the original, thereby making them even more equally fun to say.

1. Cheese graters gonna cheese grater

2. Waiters gonna wait

3. Freighters gonna freight

4. Craters gonna crate

5. Procrastinators gonna procrastinate

6. Bear-baiters gonna bear-bait

7. Alligators gonna alligate

8. Bishop’s University Gaiters gonna Bishop’s University Gait

10. Christian Slaters gonna Christian Slate

11. Skaters gonna skate

12. Desecrators gonna desecrate

13. Masticators gonna masticate

14. Radiators gonna radiate

15. Transubstaniators gonna transubstaniate

16. Equivocators gonna equivocate

17. Imitators gonna imitate

16. Annunciators gonna annunciate

18. James the Greaters gonna James the Great

19. Negaters gonna negate

20. Animators gonna animate

21. Elaborators gonna elaborate

22. Gladiators gonna gladiate

23. Deviators gonna deviate

24. Aviators gonna aviate

25. Emancipators gonna emancipate

26. Prosecutors gonna prosecute

27. Mad Hatters gonna Mad Hat

And many, many more.


~ by My Core Beliefs on July 8, 2011.

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