Interesting but Irrelevant

As it happens, I quite like collecting interesting, but largely unimportant informations and trivia (it comes with being a Humanities student). I also quite like telling people said informations and trivia. Here are some. As a side note, it may happen that some of these are untrue, but not because I’m making these up. All of these I have found at sources that are at least semi-reputable. So, I’m not deliberately deceiving you.

1. American Civil War General Stonewall Jackson apparently really liked lemons and possibly had Asperger’s (he was a little weird). He was also fatally shot by his own soldiers (it was dark).

2. Viking warlord Ivar the Boneless either earned his name due to his agility and flexibility (moving bonelessly like a snake), being born with brittle bones (pretty self-explanatory), or impotence (lacking a particular, uh, bone, so to speak)

3. Living Nintendo mascot Shigeru Miyamoto apparently has a hobby of guessing the sizes of things and then measuring them. He apparently carries a measuring with him at all times for this exact purpose.

4. Roman consul Marcus Atilius Regulus was captured by the Carthiginians and met his end either by being imprisoned in darkness, having his eyelids cut off and being forced to look directly at the sun or by being rolled down a hill in barrel lined with spikes – it depends on who’s telling the story

5. June 7, 1692 at 11:43 am, God wipes Port Royal, Jamaica (aka Pirate City) off the face of the Earth with a tsunami and earthquake. The city, including the gravesite of former Privateer and Governor of Jamaica Henry Morgan (the rum guy) falls into the sea.

6. Carrying on with the theme of death in June: on June 21, 1582, Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga is betrayed by his retainer Akechi Mitsuhide at the temple Honnoji in Kyoto. Nobunaga either dies after committing seppuku or because of the fires Mitsuhide set in the temple complex. Nobunaga had previously consolidated control of about 1/3 of Japan.

7. The literal translation of the hadoken (the fireball that Ken and Ryu and like, 15 other characters in Street Fighter shoot) into English is “wave motion fist”.

8. The current President of Malta is George Abela.

9. The flesh of the Greenland Shark contains trimethylamine oxide, which makes it poison. This does not stop certain industrious Icelanders from burying it in the ground for up to three months, making something called hakarl. It is apparently one of the most disgusting foodstuffs in the world, though it’s supposed to taste (slightly) better than it smells.

10. On the note of poison fish, eel blood is also poison.

11. In Ocarina of Time, the Forest Temple was originally planned as a Wind dungeon and the Water Temple was supposed to be an Ice dungeon. Remnants of this can be seen in Ganon’s tower, where the Forest Barrier is a wind puzzle and the Water Barrier is an ice puzzle.

12. The Red Book of Montserrat was written because the pilgrims to Montserrat (it’s a mountain with a monastery in Spain) did a lot of singing and dancing, so the author of the book gave them something suitably pious to sing.

13. Pope Alexander VI is generally viewed as the worst Pope ever. He is, incidentally, also the last boss of Assassin’s Creed II.

14. Soul Calibur II is one of the few multi-platform games to sell best on Gamecube. This is likely due to the fact that its bonus character was Link.

15. 7 Old Testament prophets are depicted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling: Jonah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah, Isaiah, and Daniel. 5 Pagan sibyls are also depicted: the Persian, Etythraean, Delphic, Cumaean, and Libyan sibyls.


~ by My Core Beliefs on June 2, 2011.

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